Verðlaun veitt fyrir bestu Fair hönnunina

Verðlaun veitt fyrir bestu Fair hönnunina


Hér eru upplýsingar um þær vörur sem unnu til verðlauna. Fyrstu verðlaun fengu samyrkjubú í Nepal fyrir vörur unnar úr ullarfelti, sjá mynd.

The Nativity Set of felt material by WEAN Multipurpose Cooperative (Nepal) won the grand prize of the 2017 Mohammed Islam Design Awards, held on the last day of the WFTO Conference in Delhi, India, on 13 November 2017. The design won in the Best New Christmas Decoration category and was unanimously voted as the overall winner by a jury of experts in design and marketing for its innovativeness and market competitiveness.

Sjón er sögu ríkari



Winners of the four other categories:

  • Best New Fashion Accessory  – Organic Cotton Shawl Vest by Maggie’s Organics (USA)
  • Hand Knitted Throw and Cushion Cover from wool and banana fibre of Kumbeshwar Technical School (Nepal) for Best New Homeware and Textile Product
  • Dog Leash and Collar of Sadhna (India) for Best New Product from Recycled Materials
  • Honey Product Packaging of Last Forest (India) for Best New Food and Beverages Packaging

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